About Pedro Barata

Pedro Martins Barata

Associate Vice President, Carbon Markets and Private Sector Decarbonization


Areas of expertise:

Carbon Markets (voluntary and compliance), carbon credit quality, private sector decarbonization, net zero strategies


Pedro leads EDF’s work to assist the private sector and governments in leveraging carbon markets to addressing the climate challenge and contributing to global efforts to decarbonize toward a net-zero world. He also lead EDF’s initiatives to improve the integrity and functioning of compliance and voluntary carbon markets around the world, including through the Carbon Credit Quality Initiative and the Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative. He is an international expert with more than 20 years of experience in international climate policy and carbon markets, and currently serving as the co-Chair of the Expert panel for the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM).


As a carbon market negotiator under the United Nations, Pedro worked on the set-up of compliance carbon markets under the Kyoto Protocol since 1999. Pedro also led the negotiations for his home country of Portugal on the development of the European Union Emission Trading System, which was until recently the largest carbon market in the world.

Pedro was chair of the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC, and, while working as a consultant for various international organizations, including OECD, European Commission, World Bank and the United Nations. He has also assisted national governments in developing and shaping domestic carbon pricing instruments in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Morocco.


London School of Economics, M.Sc. Environmental Policy

Nova University of Lisbon, B.Sc. Economics