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Whether you call it climate anxiety, ecoanxiety or something else, distress over climate change is hitting many people hard, especially young people.

Fortunately, connecting with others and working together toward climate change solutions are powerful remedies. Here are some ways to do both.

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7 ways to manage climate anxiety

Looking at scientific literature and surveys of young people, a group of mental health professionals identified these strategies:

  1. Acknowledge and validate feelings — recognizing negative emotions about climate change and understanding that those feelings are normal.
  2. Use emotional coping tools — reframing the situation to focus on solutions and practicing mindfulness.
  3. Make social connections — feeling supported and cared for by others.
  4. Connect with nature — spending time outdoors, including urban parks.
  5. Take climate action — doing your part to help address climate change (including multiple ways with us).
  6. Practice self-care — engaging in activities that boost your well-being.
  7. Build your awareness of climate justice — Some communities experience more environmental harms because of such factors as systemic racism, poverty and lack of access to political power. Educating yourself can help lead you toward becoming part of a just solution.

Source: “Climate Change & Youth Mental Health” [PDF] 

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